Capital Market – Financial Planning – Financial Technology
“Financial and Investment Festival” is an seminar event discussing several latest interesting topic and issues regarding Financial Industry. This goals is making all participants getting new insight and updated cases from the expert. Our first event will be held in the mid of 2020 with the online basis, and the ticket sales would be donated for the pandemic issue particularly in Indonesia.
All speakers would be explaining their perspective and experiences based on their background and competencies with the different topic, and all speakers will be coming from mostly Capital Market Industry and Financial Planner.
Topic Event
There are several topics that will be discussed by speakers that focus on Capital Market – Financial Planning – Financial Technology. By collaborating with several expert speakers from their background, the topics discussed will be very interesting and they will explain based on their perspective, experience, and competence.

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Nicky Hogan
Melvin Mumpuni
Mohamad Andoko
Ellen May
Try Putera Analdo
Lucky Bayu Purnomo
Ryan Filbert
Avesena Reza
Sofi Suryasnia
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RP 200.000 (Available Until 14 - 25 Juni 2020)

We will donate all proceeds from ticket sales to victims affected by Covid-19


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