Marine & Seafer Specialist

  • Rp. 7.000.000 - Rp. 10.000.000

Job Description

    What we expect you :

    • An Expert / Specialist who has a minimum of ANT / ATT 2 and for fishing vessels a minimum of ANKAPIN / ATKAPIN 2
    • A specialist who has robust knowledge in marine and seafering (Understanding the application of the law of the sea, Understanding ship building, Understanding ship stability, Applying the basics of electronics, etc)
    • Have experience in handling legality, documents, and all related needs regarding marine and shipping
    • Have a keen analysis with analytical thinking, sense of advising and a problem solver person
    • Solid skill of English both spoken & written


    What you’ll do :

    1. Act as Consultant, you responsible to Analyze all marine safety data and analysis related to sea transportation and ship facilities and infrastructure
    2. Perform calculations and analysis of existing and planned transportation routes
    3. Always present and provide solutions and/or suggestions in every briefing and also attend every time before the audit and during the audit